Fluffy Blueberry Pancakes
Posted by Crystal T on 2013/03/25 @ 12:37 pm

It's true! Sparkling water really does make the fluffiest pancakes! I followed this recipe exactly and added 1 cup of organic frozen blueberries.

I might never follow another pancake recipe for the rest of my life.

Tamale House East
Posted by Crystal T on 2013/02/08 @ 01:32 pm

This emerald sunny patio belongs to one of my favorite places on the East Side.

Tamale House is tucked away on 1707 E 6th St. Did you know the family behind the tamale house is one of the first to sell tacos in Austin? With a nod to the original family recipes; the kitchen sends out authentic, delicious Mexican comfort food. You'll find the whole family running operations at this bustling eatery.

With this much passion and ambition for delicious food; it's no surprise that Tamale House East is rolling out vegan options - with gusto. It started with one new (very popular) vegan tamale and growing requests from their loyal and new customers. I'm so happy to announce that Tamale House East now offers Food for Lovers Vegan Queso! We're excited to welcome T.H.E. to our growing list of Austin restaurants.

We had no issues about leaving our laptops behind, and having lunch at Tamale House. We started with 2 pitchers of mimosas, and then two bubbly champagne cocktails. First out, the chips and vegan queso. Tamale House uses ranchero sauce, and guacamole with beans. Their tortilla chips are fresh made from El Milagro, a local tortilleria just blocks away. We asked for extra chips. This was really fresh and flavorful. Their guacamole is so yummy.

Next, we each enjoyed a chalupa (a crispy corn tortilla topped with beans, vegan queso, lettuce, tomato and avocado) and a gordita. The masa for the gordita is house made and perfect. It's stuffed with portobello mushroom, beans and more guac on top. This was the best way to spend our lunch ‐ team queso sharing delicious food!

Don't be the last to know and enjoy these options. This family-owned gem on the east side is pulling out all the stops! They're so excited to share their beloved recipes without animal products, for their vegan fans.

Posted by Crystal T on 2013/01/06 @ 06:16 pm

Sway is a modern Thai restaurant in Austin (1417 South 1st Street Austin, Texas 78704). We love Thai food.

All you need to know about this spot (via Austinist):

A "modern Australian-style Thai" concept from owners Jesse Herman and Delfo Trombetta. If those names are familiar to you, it is likely because they're the same team behind 2nd Street interior Mexican stalwart La Condesa. Herman and Trombetta have also brought along executive chef Rene Ortiz and pastry whiz Laura Sawicki from the La Condesa team to oversee the new project, which is helmed by chef de cuisine Alexis Chong.

We love La Condesa. It's beautiful. The food is creative and unique. I knew Sway wouldn't let me down.

Chefs Rene Ortiz, Alexis Chong and pastry chef Laura Sawicki don't get tripped up when they hear you're vegan. They run with it.

What's really great is that most of these menu items were already vegan. I think we only had to make one modification.

Our waitress knew every detail about ingredients, including garnishes.

We ordered vegetable spring rolls (avocado, carrot, vermicelli noodle, rice paper, tomato vinegar), Salt & Pepper Tofu and Green Curry (tofu, peas, potato, baby corn, thai eggplant, pickled fresno chili).

For real though, dessert knocked it out of the park. It was playful, fun and totally tasty. Add another point, because it was already vegan, too. Boom!

Coconut tapioca pudding with yuzu, basil seeds, puffed wheat & avocado sorbet.

Okay! This was like Dr. Seuss level whimsy. Chef Laura is a sweet genius.

We killed it.

Sway is beautiful. I want to live there, no joke. I really dig the community seating - even though we scored a private little nook.

It's a cool way to experience everything Sway has to offer. You should go.

(A few images borrowed from Sway's facebook)

Happy Monday
Posted by Crystal T on 2012/11/26 @ 09:43 am

We're back from an amazing Thanksgiving visit with my family.

I finally made the perfect pecan pie, thanks to this recipe. We wrapped everything up with a game of Loteria.

I'm happy to announce the 3 winners of our The 30 Day Vegan Challenge memberships:

Hi-fives to Sara, Katie & Ellie!

Almost forgot! Shape magazine wrote about us. :)

I'm super in love with Lush right now. My skin's never looked better!

Have a great week.

Giveaway: 3 Memberships to The 30 Day Vegan Challenge
Posted by Crystal T on 2012/11/14 @ 06:51 pm

November is World Vegan Month. I've been vegan for about 7 years now. My husband has been vegan for 10 years.

To me, eating plant-based, nutrient-dense and delicious foods is easy. I'll never have to worry about things like undercooked meat, or getting sick from bad seafood. I'm less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases, cancers and high cholesterol that comes from consuming animal products.

People get tripped up on veganism, because they don't know the basics. It's the reason people fall back on foods that they know aren't healthy. It's overwhelming and uncomfortable to try something different. I get that.

If you've ever been curious about veganism, and aren't at all sure where to start; I have something for you.

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau has developed an incredible program called The 30 Day Vegan Challenge! Chris and I have truly enjoyed this program and it's finally time to share it with you!

In The 30 Day Vegan Challenge, Colleen holds your hand through everything!

Baking without Eggs, How to Grocery Shop, Reading Food Labels, Stocking a Vegan Pantry, Filling a Vegan Fridge, How to Eat Out (and Speak up), Packing Lunches and so much more.

It took me years to learn this stuff. She's giving you all the tools, all the help and answers to any and every question you could have about veganism.

I am so in love with this program and I'm giving away 3 Memberships to Colleen's The 30 Day Vegan Challenge! You'll get access to amazing recipes and videos like her Thanksgiving Video below:

I am choosing a winner on Monday 10:00 AM CST. I'm certain that after 30 days, you'll experience a great transformation in health and energy. You'll have confidence in your ability to try something new and exciting. You'll climb mountains and soar like an eagle. Okay, maybe not. Maybe. You won't know unless you try.

This program is easy to use, intuitive, designed for approachability. It's handy, even on-the-go. The 30 Day Vegan Challenge is an invaluable resource; which will undoubtedly change the lives of so many people. I look forward to Colleen's new videos and recipes each day. I'm sure you will, too.

Let's do it. Leave a comment below, and I'll choose a winner on Monday 11/19.

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